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PostSubject: Tournaments section   Tournaments section Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 4:20 pm

Here you can join at tournaments or you can even create tournaments by posting a new topic with your tournament.
If you have created a tournament in this section you also have to create a topic in the tournament discution section where the players can ask question about your tournament.

Some tips about creating the tournament:
- mention what the players needs to do to get in this tournament from the beginning
- mention what the structure of the tournament will be from the beginning
- mention the rules of the tournament from the beginning
- mention what are the situations in which the players can get disqualified
- also dont forgot to advertise for your tournament, if the people dont know about your tournament they cant join

Tips for those who join to the tournaments:
-to be able to enter in a tournament you have to be registered on the site and also to be loged
in on the site and then post a reply to the tournament post you want to join
-make sure that you read the tournament rules carefully
-if you have any questions ask the creator of the tournament in the discuss about tournaments
-before you join to a tournament make sure that you that you will be able to participate to it; if
you join and you cant play in it you will only cause problems to the other players in the
tournament and in the end you will be DQ from the tournament
-respect the rules fo the tournament and dont fight or speak dirty with other players; if you
dont liek the rules of a tournament you dont have to join to that tournament and dont bring
your personal problems with others players in a tournament
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Tournaments section
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