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 Forum Rules

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Tech Assistant
Tech Assistant

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat May 30, 2009 1:12 am

General Rules:

  • Administration preserves the right to edit/delete any users/posts violating the forum rules without prior notice.
  • All posts in the forum must be in ENGLISH. We got members from different countries here, and we need to make sure everyone understands everyone.
  • Fouled language/hateful/illegal posts and nicknames are not allowed.
  • All forum members must have "Hamachi" installed and join at least 1 of our dueling networks. "Hamachi" nickname must be provided in the specified field.
  • You may post a complain on any member of the forum in General -> Report Complains forum ONLY if you feel their actions were violating the rules or abusive. If your claims are justified action will be taken.
  • "Member Points" are based on your activity in the forum, "Reputation" is based on votes you recieve on your posts. Negative "Reputation" votes do not lower the reputation, but they are still recorded. You must have at least 5 forum posts to be able to vote on "Reputation".
  • Once your nickname is registered you can not change it. You can, however, request one of the administrators to change it.

Dueling Rules:

  • Players may duel for fun anytime they wish via "Hamachi"
  • If during a duel the game (but not the duelists) acts not as it was supposed to in any way the duel must be aborted and replayed, but if you think that the opponent cheated or aborted the duel post a screen print of the game and tell us what happened in the complains section.

Poll Rules:

  • All polls on this forum must be created in General -> Polls forum ONLY. Polls in any other category will be deleted on sight, unless the author coordinates with the administration first.
  • Foul languaged, hateful, illegal or useless polls are not allowed and will be deleted on sight.
  • You may choose any voting option present in a poll if it passed the two criterias listed above.

Complain Rules:

  • Provide as much proof of your claims as you can for faster complain handling.
  • Do not offend the member you are claiming against.

If you have anything to say about the rules do it here.

Did you ever notice how good fights evil, killing, spilling blood, leaving bodies everywhere it goes?
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:53 am

Oh thanks I did not understand until I saw this!
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Forum Rules
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